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Visit Rustic Plantations...
 These are reviews from those who have visited joom us already, the site. We will be glad to receive your feedback after your stay with us.
 Mr. Ramakant Khalap (Ex. M.P.) 10-2-2000  
This visit turned into a dream come true. The plantation through named Rustic is a manifestation of scientific planning, sincere hard work meticulous care and above all true love for nature and its bounty. Mr. Shyam and his wife Smt. Ujwala Achrekar appear to be dynamous of profound energy and unbundled enthusiam. This couple should be introduced to our young people as examples worthy of emulation.
 Mr. Ashok Nath (Chief secretary, Goa) 24-12-2000  
This Onfy place lives up to its name Rustic, serene and beautiful. Coupled with warm, personal hospitality. A wonderful experience, keep it up.
 Mrs. Theresa Almeida
 (Director, Manovikas School, Margao, Goa)
Your participation, loving interest and involvement in our student camp made our stay here wonderful and fulfilling, thank you.
 Mr. Vishnu Surya Wagh
 (Vice Chairman, Kala Academy, Panaji, Goa)
For those who genuinely belive that nature itself is God, this is a real heavenly abode. You have put a lot of hard work and dedication.
 Remo (Pop singer, Siolim, Goa) 26-1-2002  
Beautiful, wild, preserved nature...... healthy, tasty food...... warm, friendly people...... what more could one ask for ? Thanks for your hospitality !
 Vandana Gupte & Bharati Achrekar (Artist) 20-3-2002  
Its Rustic, Mystic, Exotic, Naturalistic, Puretic, Cinematic, Dramatic and exiting experience to be here. We have managed to store oxygen for our Mumbai stay.
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