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Visit Rustic Plantations...
  Rare stone artifacts found -- Navhind Times 26th July 2000

A team of archaeologists from the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI), Goa recently inspected the rare stone artifacts found at the Rustic Farm, situated in Sattari taluka. These artifacts, three in number are finished stone tools identified as 'ring stones' also known as 'mace heads' or 'perforated stones'. Made of quartzite and sand stone, these stone tools are reported from Mesolithic and Neolithic culture in Indian context.

These perforated stones with hour glass section and holes made from both sides were used by tribals for 'podu' cultivation, especially on the hill slopes. They used these stones as weights on the digging of the joom. These stones are heavy and must have been used as weights for digging sticks. There were also some light duty perforated stones found in different sites but evidently used as net sinkers by fishermen.

According to the deputy superintending archaeologist, Dr. JVP Rao, the ASI will locate the associate finds of these artifacts to rightly assign the culture to which they belong. As the discovery of rock engravings are already made by the team from this place, Mauxi, in Sattari taluka, the team is expecting some connected prehistoric sites, which can throw some light on Goa's prehistoric culture.

Besides, Dr. Rao, the team comprised of Mr. Manoj Saxena and Mr. Guru Bagi, the assistant archaeologists, Mr. Gangadhar Korgonkar, senior conservation assistant and Mr. V Gopal Rao Foreman.

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