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Q. Can adults join / participate in Back2nature camps?
A. Yes, parents / teachers / adults can join these camps only if accompanied by children. Also, we do not want adults to be with us for a long time, this is still for children, here. Other children will not be comfortable around.
Q. I am a housewife / parent / teacher, can I bring a group of children to the camp?
A. Yes, if you can arrange a group of 10 children or more, you can join the camp free of charge. In addition to this a joom.com/nl/ discount of 10% per participant, will be offered to you, which cab be utilized for organizing the group or passed down to the participants.
Q. How will the children travel?
A. The participants will travel by specially chartered, 35 seat, non A/C Video bus. Depending on booking one or two such buses will travel together for each camp. The same buses will remain in the campsite during the camp and bring the participants back to Mumbai.
Q. Why not travel by train?
A. During summer vacation, trains are overcrowded and 60 days advance booking is required. Most of the times tickets are issued in different compartments and the fun of traveling together, singing camping songs etc. is lost.
Q. What are the advantages of traveling by bus?
A. As the buses are chartered specially for the camp, everybody travels together. Participants can be picked up from many places klistierspritze apotheke ohne rezept ( Bandra, New Mumbai, Panvel etc. ) on the route. Traveling from Mumbai straight to the campsite saves a lot of time.
Q. How long is the traveling?
A. The buses will leave Mumbai at 18.00 Hrs. Participants can join the bus at pre agreed places. Dinner will be arranged at 21.00 Hrs. in a restaurant followed by a Video Film. Participants should reach the campsite by 06.30 Hrs. in the morning. As most of the time is spent sleeping the traveling is not tiring.
Q. Can we join the camp on our own?
A. Yes, you can travel on your own and join the camp on day one with other participants. You need not pay the travel charges; all other things remain the same.
Q. What happens in case of breakdown?
A. The buses are hired from a reputed fleet owner from Mumbai. They own 35 such buses and can do alternative arrangements in case of breakdown.
Q. Should we send food with the children?
A. Please do not send any food items with your child. Freshly prepared, hot, nutritious unlimited food will be available in the camp restaurant on self-service basis. Vegetarian alternatives are always available when non-vegetarian food is served. We try our level best to take care of other diets like Jain food.
Q. How much money we should give to the children?
A. Money required to do little shopping while Goa sight seeing should be given to children.
Q. Which are the pickup and drop points?
A. Parent will drop & collect the children from mutually agreed places. Our Mumbai office can be contacted few days before the departure for confirmation. Adults traveling with group will take charge of the group while traveling and assist the camp coordinators.
Q. How to do the booking?
A. You can collect the forms from the Mumbai office or download the booking form from the website. After filling the forms submit at our Mumbai office along with Cash / Cheque / D.D. / Pay order in favour of "campsingoa" payable at par at Mumbai.
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