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Visit Rustic Plantations...
Rustic Plantation
Genuine Cashew Feni

Spread over nearly 100 acres, Rustic Plantation is situated in the northeast corner of Goa. For last 12 years we have been distilling 100% pure Cashew Feni from our own cashew fruits. The Feni & Urrack personally distilled by the owner of Mr. Sham Achrekar is appreciated by many & is famous for its quality.

Most of the Cashew Feni bottlers buy cashew Feni from different distillers. Distillers buy juice from many local farmers. Hence it is very difficult to maintain good quality. In our case everything is done here at joom.com plantations and that is why we can offer you excellent quality pure feni.

Selected fruits : Only fully ripped fruits fallen from the tree are collected for making this Feni, raw fruits are never plucked from the trees.


Slow distillation : Slow fire plays a very important role in distillation. Feni distilled on slow fire is smooth, crystal clear and without any foul or burnt smell. As we make only limited quantity, we can maintain very good quality.

Hygienic : Juice from the fruits is extracted using a machine than stepping on the fruits. The juice is fermented in special non-metal barrels. Good hygiene is maintained in the distillery during fermentation and distillation according to research from here.

100% Pure : Rustic's Cashew Feni is not adulterated in any way and it is 100% pure. No fuel smell, no headaches, and no hang over the next day.

Good clientele : For last 10 years we are supplying Feni to many hotels, restaurants and families who buy whole years stock from us and store. Some of our regular clients: Taj village and fort Aguada beach resort and their staff. Marinha dorada, Arpora, Hotel Shelsta and Marquise beach resort, Candolim.

Please visit our website www.rusticplantations.com for more details.
Rustic Cashew Feni is available in 5, 10 and 20 liter cans. @ Rs.60/- per liter.
Free delivery in Goa. Minimum order 10 liters.
Happy drinking!
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