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Visit Rustic Plantations...
Goa sight seeing(Optional)

Optional sight seeing to following places of interest is available for school study tours / picnics. Please note this is not included in any of our camps. Many other options are also available.

Please note : All the above places of interest being far away from the capital city of Panaji are not covered by most of the tour operators. In our case as they are close from the campsite can be visited easily.

Boating & waterfall(Half day)
Distance covered 100 Kms.
Zorme - 12 Kms.
Archeology findings of idols at Zorme. A small, remote village in Sattari.
Waterfalls - 15 Kms.
The waterfalls and the caves of Harvale believed to be carved by the Buddhist monks in 7th century A. D.
Datta Mandir - 5 Kms.
Sankhali Datta Mandir, very famous temple of Shree Datta.
Mayem lake - 20 Kms.
Mayem lake is a very popular spot amongst tourist. Paddle-boats are available for boating.
Back to campsite - 40 Kms.
Wild life, Zoo and Temples (Half day)
Distance covered 110 Kms.
Bramha karmali 15 Kms.
The carved idol of four faces belongs to the 5th century A. D. It is one of the very few temples dedicated to Lord Bramha world over.
Bondla Wildlife 25 Kms.
The Bondla forest is an ideal jungle resort. It is a mini zoo & deer park in natural habitat. Botanical and Rose garden.
Tambdi Surla 30 Kms.
The only specimen of Kadamba Yadava architecture(13th century) in basalt stone.
Back to campsite - 35 Kms.
Visits can also be arranged to
Naval aviation museum
At Vasco, 75 Kms from campsite. You can see fighter aircrafts and many interesting things.
Vasco harbor
One of the busiest ports in India. Can be combined with above.
Museum of Christian art
At Rachol, can be visited on the way to Vasco.
Terekhol fort. 65 Kms.
Built by the Bhosles and taken over by the Portuguese in 1746. A must for the lovers of forts and palaces.
Unique proposal
Visit a small remote village and mix with the local people to gather the real information about their food habits, religion, marriages, education etc.
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